What is LYY?

LYY (Student Union of the University of Lapland) is a student union that takes care of the students’ rights and interest. According to the Universities Act, the purpose of the student union is to act as a link between its members and to promote their societal, social and intellectual aspirations. 

Why to become member of LYY? 

LYY makes sure that the students’ voice is heard everywhere at the university and in the surrounding society.  LYY has its representation in the administration of the university, and through cooperation with the National Union of University Students in Finland LYY also represents students in both the local and the national level of decision-making.

Our top two tasks are the following:

  • supervise and help forward students interests
  • provide services (events, rent a sauna, offer guidance)

The student union arranges a variety of events and activities, offers services and negotiates student discounts for its members.  For the degree students, the membership of LYY is mandatory but the exchange students have the possibility to choose whether they want to become members of LYY or not. Being a member you can get really good discounts for example from University restaurants and transportation. More about the current topic with LYY you can find on Facebook.