Student union allocates project grants


Student union’s board has decided to start the application period for project grants. Allocated sum is 3000€ in total. These grants are meant for projects which develop student culture in Lapland. You can apply project grant for new events, whether those are study events, cultural events or ideas for developing our social events. Prerequisite is that the event is meant for all the students of the University of Lapland. Project grants will not be allocated to any already existing events or basic activities of our associations.

Any group, student or association from our student union can apply for project grant. Application needs to be sent by email to jarjestoasiantuntija(at) Please write “projektiavustukset” (= project grants in Finnish) to the title of the email and send application in PDF-form. Deadline for the application is by 15th of August.

Instructions for the application:  

  • Explain convincingly why your new idea needs project grant
  • Explain what kind of influence your idea has on student culture here in Lapland
  • Create well planned budget and implementation plan
  • Tell clearly the sum you are applying.


The board of the student union will process applications in August. Prepare to introduce your idea also face to face for the board!  The board will make decisions on grants and the sums. Granted will commit to supply a report of the use of the grant after the event. The board of the student union has a right to demand the grant back if it interprets that the grant has been used inappropriately.

The grant is meant to be used during the academic year 2018-2019.


More information: jarjestoasiantuntija(at)