Briefly in English


The election of the Student Union of the University on Lapland is held on the 6th of November. Pre-election dates are 31.10.-1.11.2019 and 4.-5.11.2019.


The Student Union election are held every other year at the university. Any undergraduate sutdent who is a member* of the Student Union of the Univesity of Lapland has the right to run for the student parliament and vote in the election. The election is held in all Student Unions in all universities in Finland this autumn, except for the University of Helsinki which has them next year.


In these elections in the University of Lapland 104 candidates are running for the student parliament. Both political parties and subject association can nominate candidates for the election.


The Students' Parliament is the highest decision making body of the students in the university. The Students' Parliament decides on the Student Union's annual budget, assigns an administrative student board and decides the Student presentatives in the bodies and committees of the University of Lapland.



*A member that has payed the membership fee by 12th of September has the right to vote