Council of representatives is the highest decision-making body in the student union. It makes decisions in the most important issues (membership fee, plan of action, chooses the executive board etc.) It includes 20 actual members and their deputy members. Student parliament is elected every second year, and next elections will be held in autumn 2017. Every member of the Student Union is able to vote and stand as a candidate.
The council has three chairpersons, the chair and two vice-chairs. Current chair is Johanna Teijonmaa (Artikla) and vice-chairs are Janne Väätäjä (Lastukas) and Amanda Näsi (Artikla). 


Members of the council of representatives and their groups


Punapippuri (Social Democrats and Left Alliance)

Kaisa-Maria Poikela                  

Ville Luotola                                                     

Mikkel Näkkäläjärvi


Artikla (Law Students)

Amanda Näsi                                                       

Johanna Teijonmaa             

Jussi Kiiski                                

Mikko Saarinen                     

Antti Hämäläinen                 

Annika Juhola


YTK:n Superlista (Faculty of Social Sciences Students)

Mirka Mokko                       

Pirkko Sivonen                                                 

Savanna Paulin 


TAO (Faculty of Art and Design Students)

Emma Kähkönen                    

Venla Johansson


Vihertävät (the Greens)

Minna Kallioharju


Kokoomus (National Coalition Party)

Saana Lindeman 


Keskeiset  (The Centre Party)

Inna Kallioinen                         

Anni-Sofia Sihvo


Lastukas (Faculty of education Students)

Janne Väätäjä

Ida Ala-aho