WhO ARE lyy?

LYY has around 4000 members, who all study at the University of Lapland. In addition to bachelor and master students some of our members are post-graduates and exchange students. LYY is a member of SYL, National Union of University Students in Finland. This gives us a possibility to offer our members nationwide discounts.

Every second year a Council of Representatives is elected among the student union members. The council is the highest decision-making body in the student union. Every member of the student union is able to vote and stand as candidate. Next election will take place autumn 2017. Among the 20 representatives an executive board will be chosen every year.

LYY has three full-time employees working at the office in Ahkiomaantie 23B: Secretary General, Adviser of Educational and Social Affairs and Adviser of Organization and Communication. Also the editors of the student newspaper and executive board members can be seen at the office. If you have any problems, don't hesitate to visit us.