Educational and social affairs


Promoting interests of students in the University of Lapland, Rovaniemi, and in whole Finland is one of the main goals of the Student Union. For example, we are lobbying important persons in the organisation of the University or by bringing the viewpoint of a university student to the public debate.


If you are interested in student advocacy feel free to contact the Adviser of Educational and Social Affairs Antti Eteläaho by email edunvalvonta(at)

What Educational and Social affairs means to LYY?

  • Promoting interests of students is LYY's most important task.
  • Educational and Social affairs work on enhancing flexible and up-to-date studies and making sure that students have access to affordable housing, and functional, good health care so that the students will get employed at jobs that match their education.
  • The work is done by LYY's board members, staff, student associations, council of representatives, student representatives of University administration and every active student.
  • Student advocacy is being worked on many working groups, meetings and other official occasions.
  • The most important work is done in students' everyday life. The work is being done on hallways, coffee breaks, while preparing for meetings and discussing with students.
  • LYY has an active Educational and Social Affairs Section which is a discussion platform for the Student Union, student associations and everyone interested in students’ educational and social affairs. The meetings are open for everyone.  Members of Educational and Social Affairs Section are the student association board members, the student union advisor and executive board members responsible for academic and social affairs.
  • If you feel passion towards promoting and enhancing students' interests, consider applying to be a board member of a student association, student representative of University administration, executive board member of LYY, or stand yourself as a candidate for the council of representatives elections!