Annual events of the Student Union of the University of Lapland

Laskiainen (Shrove tuesday)

The Student Union celebrates Shrove tuesday traditionally by tobogganing and otherwise frolicing in the snow and partying had in the evening. Recent years Shrove festivities have been arranged in cooperation with student union of the University of the Applied Sciences and have included for example snow football tournament and Pimp My Toboggan -competition. When the sun sets and its time to party, the most successfull participants are awarded.

Vappu (Walpurgis Night, First of May)

Vappu in Rovaniemi is a week long celebration for the students. The Student Union unites all the students, organizing and marketing the events. The week is full of events organized by the student associations culminating in the Finnish tradition of putting a student cap on a local statue and of course a wild party after. If you don't want to miss anything you should buy a Vappu-wristband, ensuring you special prices or even free admissions to events.


Varjoavajaiset (Alternative semester opening)

Week before the actual opening of the University, Varjoavajaiset is an autumn semester kick-off party for the students. There the students returning to Rovaniemi after a long summer can reunite and meet new faces.


Fuksiaiset (Freshmen welcoming party)

Freshmen students, called fuksi in Finland, are baptized in september. The Student Union gathers students for an afterparty. We also want to remind tutors and other students that no one is to be humiliated or forced to do anything. Let's make it smooth!


Vuosijuhlat (Annual Ball)

Our own LYY deserves a grand ball for a birthday party. LYY arranges an academic ball in the beginning of November.


Itsenäisyyspäivä (Finland's Independence Day)

LYY arranges a torchlight procession the 6th of December from the Rovaniemi city center to the war grave next to church of Rovaniemi.


Celebrating Vappu in Rovaniemi, 2016.